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RoboDk Training Modules on Youtube

Hi Jeremy,

I have just finished and worked along with module 1 of your training on YouTube. I just wanted to say how amazing a job you have done. I am really looking forward to the next modules. There is literally NOTHING I would offer as suggestions to improve it. They are great. I love the tips and tricks you have shared as well as the usual pitfalls users encounter and how they can be overcome. I did love the bonus video and it was a very smart way to consolidate the previous learning as well as an introduction to other elements which were not difficult but exposed to different parts of a real-world example. The content as well as the presentation made me very enthused to learn more and become very proficient at this great piece of software.

There is one small thing that I will need to go back over and this is to do with singularity. It is a bit of an unusual one for me to understand since I tried to create a condition that produced a singularity but quite honestly I could not work out why the zero cross-over on particular joints produce this. I will google since i am sure it is just my mind that is not getting a particular concept and not your training.

Once again thanks for the amazing tutorials and keep it up!

Many thanks
You should take a look at this video:

Glad you liked the videos!
Thanks, Alex,

Actually, I did google and saw this video as well straight after my message I googled. It's a lot clearer now. :-)
Hi Mike,

If you look at the Excel sheet here:

I touch on the concept of singularities in Module 7.

Thanks a lot for your comments. There's a lot of work behind these videos and I'm always happy when ppl find them useful.

Have a great day.
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Thanks, Jeremy,

Perfect I'll have a look at your 2 videos on Singularity now. Reading through the course titles, it's quite exciting to see what is covered!!

Amazing work!


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