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Robodk with RJ-2 controller

Hello, I have a couple of Fanuc S-420iW robots with RJ-2 controllers that I would like to program with roboDK. The problem I have is that I have not found any information on how to send files from the computer to the robot controller. I have seen the documentation with instructions on how to do this but I can not find  $HOSTS_CFG on my teach pendant and I suspect this is because the instructions say they are for the Fanuc RJ-3 controller. If anyone has any information on how to set this up with the RJ-2 controller or can refer me to any documentation on that I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
Hi Maguiremanu,

You generally don't need to connect to the robot to upload a program to it.
This is an older controller, you should be able to find out how Fanuc wanted you to upload the program at that time.
If you are lucky it might support USB drive (I doubt that. A quick research told me that the manual for this controller was released in 1998, USB support was not common at that time).
RoboDK will generate a text file for the robot, the user manual of the robot controller would be a great place to start looking on how to upload that file to the controller itself.

Newer Fanuc controllers either require you to have a paid option on the controller to accept .LS file or to use RoboGuide to compile the program as a .TP file.
But I don't know how those works. I was unfortunately not in the field of robotics at that time hehe.

Let us know if you find anything.
Maybe Albert knows something that I don't on that topic thought.
@maguiremanu, I think this is possible, but You need observe two obstacles to achieve this.

First, I don't remember if R-J2 controllers accept text files. So You will first need to convert these text files, on .ls or .pe format, to .tp (binary format). To to this, You will need Roboguide, its older brother, WinOLPC, a command line utility called MakeTP (that You can find on the installation folders of the two previously mentioned programs), or even an old program called R-J Translator. The minor software version supported by Roboguide is V5/R-J3. R-J Translator supports R-J2 programs, but has some problems with SPOT commands. And so on. So You will need to make some trial and error tests to determine what is the best option for You.

The second part is uploading the programs on R-J2 controller. Some of them had a special compact flash slot on their bases, but if I recall correctly, You need a specific type of compact flash card, and also a special adapter.

The second and easiest way to upload your programs is using serial connection and KFloppy utility. But serial transfer is a lengthy procedure, subject to several types of errors, You will need to find a good serial<>USB adapter (or an old laptop), and so on. Again, trial and error.
Could you manage to put the robodk to work with the Rj-2?

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