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[Robot Library Support] Fanuc's P-50ib-10L


Could you add Fanuc's P-50ib-10L to the support library list? I tried making my own robot for this, but came across some issues.

I've attached the cad models, as well as the datasheet.

Thank you in advance.

Attached Files
.zip   Robot (Size: 8.14 MB / Downloads: 438)
.pdf   Fanuc Paint Mate 50iB.pdf (Size: 637.2 KB / Downloads: 849)
Do you have the 3D model as one single object with the robot properly assembled at the home position?
Hi Albert,

Thanks for the reply.

I have this, if it helps.

It is missing the base. Let me know if that needs to be there too.

Attached Files
.zip   P-50iB-10L - (Size: 4.06 MB / Downloads: 429)
Hi guys,

Could I get a follow up on this?
I attached the robot file. This is still a draft as the 3D model does not match the kinematic parameters. I'm sorry we took so long to add this robot. It is not easy for us to work with the 3D models you provided. To make sure we have the correct dimensions of the robot it would be best if you can provide us with the original STEP file provided by Fanuc.

I believe the kinematic parameters are correct but it may be better to double check with the following parameters:
  • DH_D
  • DH_A
You can find these in the system parameters $MRR_GRP[1]

Attached Files
.robot   Fanuc-P-50iB-10L.robot (Size: 3.04 MB / Downloads: 415)
Hi Albert,

Thank you very much. I will try to find the original .STEP files, if possible.

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