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Robot Library Support - Motoman GP200R


We have an upcoming project using a Motoman GP200R robot and I see it is not included in the library.  Could you guys possibly add this?  Thank you!
Can you provide the robot 3D model (Step preferably) and the user manual (robot measurements, joints limits, and joint directions).

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Here is the technical .PDF and a .step file of the robot.  Again thank you!

Attached Files
.pdf   gp200r.pdf (Size: 1.25 MB / Downloads: 587)
.zip   YASKAWA ROBOT (Size: 14.52 MB / Downloads: 390)
I attached your Motoman GP200R robot file.

Attached Files
.robot   Motoman-GP200R.robot (Size: 2.47 MB / Downloads: 470)

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