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Robot Moving Status


I'm currently using RoboDK's python API to move my Fanuc robot. I'm running two MoveC commands in a for loop to create a circle. However,  is it script to wait to execute until the robot motion is done?

For instance:
for i in range(2):
  robot.MoveC(target1, target2)
  print("done with move")
  # update target 1 and 2

This prints two sets of "done with move" even before the robot finishes the first MoveC command.
Is there a way to monitor the motion status of the robot and wait for the motion to finish before moving on to the next line of code?


MoveC commands require 2 targets, the mid point and the end point. The current position of the robot is important as well. Therefore, if the robot is already at one of the 2 targets you may see movement issues.

Can you share the RoboDK project file you used for testing?

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