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Robot Speed Settings


I am working on setting the speeds for a cycle time simulation and investigation using a UR10e robot. 

FYI, I am currently using the trial version of the software. 

I am trying to add set speed commands to a robot program. When I add a set speed command, my goal is to change the speed of my linear movements to 200mm/s and compare to running at 300mm/s.

The problem is that there seems to be no change regardless of what I set the linear speed to be. 

I have attached three screen shots.

#1 shows the program with speed set to 200mm/s
#2 shows the program with speed set to 300mm/s

Both have the same cycle time. 

#3 shows the value I am editing for linear speed of robot moves. 


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Hi mechengineer123,

1 - The cycle time will only be updated after you run the program once with the new value.
2 - If you open your robot panel (double click the robot) and select parameters (top left of your screen), you will see the default acceleration value, make sure that those make sense.
3 - I see that you're path only takes 2 seconds, this means that it's about 400 mm max. Changing the top speed may have no effect on the cycle time if the acceleration is not high enough to actually reach that top speed. If, for example, you acc is 50 mm/s2, after 1 sec, you will reach 50 mm/s, after 2 sec, you will reach 100 mm/s, and the path is done, top speed had no impact on cycle time here.
(10-19-2020, 07:18 PM)Jeremy Wrote: 3 - I see that you're path only takes 2 seconds, this means that it's about 400 mm max. 

Not OP, but where are you seeing the 2 second path in these pictures?
Hi WattUp,

You can see the time a path takes by looking at the bottom right corner of your screen when running a program.

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But in these pictures, the path time is 22 seconds, not 2.

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