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Robot and rotary table calibration in welding cell

Hello I'm new in RoboDk, how could I control a rotary table based on a KUKA servo motor.
When I introduce a rotary table as a single-axis robot, in a cell with a KUKA arm, is the table automatically programmed in KRL?

I am trying to simulate the robotic cell but I have problems with the calibration of the robot, I don't have a laser tracker, optical or ballbar, could you help me with any suggestions on the calibration and rotating table, thanks!

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Hi dmmaya,

For the external axis, you can simply add it to your station.
Use the "Main menu" -> "Utilities" -> "Model mechanisms and robots" features to create the rotative axis.
Once it's done, right click the robot and select "Synchronize external axis".
Starting from there, when you will post process your robot program, the external axis values will be generated as the robot controller expect them.

Why do you need to calibrate your robot, do you have accuracy problems at the moment?
Without external measurement tools, it's impossible to calibrate the robot.

Have a great day.
At the moment I am designing the cell for physical tests, I am new to the use of RoboDK and the robot has never been programmed offline before, is it necessary before running the program in the cell robot to perform the calibration?
Hi dmmaya,

Robot calibration is not required to run the program on the robot.
It's just an option that we offer if you ever need more precision with your project.


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