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Robot cannot reach all targets in the path

Hey! I am trying to inspect an elipse, using curve follow. But, the robot cannot finish the path because it says there is a point wich is not reachable. I can manually set the robot to inspect changing the tool frame position, so, the points are reachable right?

The first picture show, where the path stops.
The second picture shows that i can manually inspect the remaining points.
I can also send the station

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Can you provide your RoboDK project file? We can help you better.
(01-22-2024, 11:28 AM)Albert Wrote: Can you provide your RoboDK project file? We can help you better.

Sure! The path I am working is Path1.
Thanks for the support.

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.rdk   BANCADAREFORMULADA.rdk (Size: 5.04 MB / Downloads: 25)
The problem with your project is that you are trying to go through a singularity (wrist singularity, this happens when joint 5 is close to 0 deg). You should change the tool orientation to prevent this singularity.

Do you need the tool orinetation to follow the path? Even if you change this, you need to adjust the tool orientation.

Another option is to reduce or disable the singularity tolerances. You can do so by following these steps:
  1. Select Tools-Options
  2. Select the Motion tab
  3. Set the Singularity tolerance to avoid Wrist singularity to -1
Thanks! It worked. I ve searched for some content about singularities, before posting here, but i think i didnt understand it well. What are the meaning of theese values? Tolerance -1, 0, 2.5...

Very grateful for the support iam getting here, on the forum. I am using RoboDK for my final project at the graduation. Thanks again!
Thank you for your feedback.

This tolerance allows you to define how far from the singularity you want to be. If you set it to -1 you are disabling the option to check for singularities. It is likely that this program will give you issues on the real robot controller.

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