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Robot changes orientation between paths

When I am attempting to create multiple curve follow projects to run in sequence, the robot will completely change its starting orientation between each project.  The paths are all similar as far as orientation and what plane they are in relative to the robot so I can't understand why robodk wants a different orientation each time.  This is causing a significant amount of additional movement for the robot and potentially resulting in collisions within the work space.  I have tried adjusting the approach/retract parameters in the curve follow project by setting these to 0 mm.  I have also increased the joint curve tolerance to include the next path (ie. 5mm).  I also have manually set the desired starting orientation of the robot with the TCP and registered it to the "preferred joints for start point" and all do not correct the issue.  We have sent the station for your review to see if you have any suggestions to fix the issue.

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You should properly configure your preferred joints for the start point for each curve follow project based on the last robot configuration. You can also add intermediate points if needed.

A quick trick is to just run the last program, copy the current robot joints (double click the robot and click the copy button in the joints section), then, paste these joints for the next curve follow project section.

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