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Robot machining project - Question


I come again here to ask for your help.

I am struggling to understand this particular project and what I am failing to understand is where exactly I am doing it wrong.

On the attached video. (at around 1:50) this guy is getting the welding paths at - let's say - 45 degree angle from the walls where the edge is selected.
In my case I get those degrees, but for some reason the program does not see the boundary walls and the orientation of the path is always the same. 
I am in need of assistance of how to do it do get the tool orientation the same as the guy from video gets, to avoid wall colision with the tool.
Please see attached the pictures with my case.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Ionut,

Are you using the latest version of RoboDK?
You should be able to customize the angle you want.

The example you see in that video had a curve on the edge (it was imported via IGES format).

Thank you for the replay, Albert.

Yes, I am using the latest version of RoboDK. Though, it's the trial verion of 30 days. I wonder if tthis function is hidden in the free version of RoboDK?
Also, now that you mentioned. If that line is imported, it can gain extra properties to work with compared to the edge I am selecting directly from the step model from RoboDK ?

If I ask nicely, would you be so kind as to tell me exactly what that function is called and maybe a screenshot on where to find it?


Hi Ionut

You should be able to test it with the trial version.
  1. You can select Utilities-Curve Follow Project
  2. Select Select Curve
You'll see the some settings on the left. If you want a curve at 45 deg from the selected surface you can set the tilt step to 45 deg.


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