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Robot model creation of Precise Automation's PF3400 robot

I need to create a robot model for Precise Automation's PF3400 robot for simulation. I have stp files for each parts such as base, joint1, joint2, joint3 and joint 4.  I already know that new mechanisms or robots in RoboDK can be created using  Utilities➔Model Mechanism or robot. 
Unfortunately, the kinematics of PF3400 is not included in robot types provided in RoboDK.

My question is two.

1) How can I create a robot model for PF3400 (.robot)?

2) A robot model of PF400 (similar kinematics to PF3400 but different link lengths) is already provided in RoboDK's on-line robot library. Can I create a robot model for PF3400 by modifying the robot model for PF400 (e.g. replacing stp files and adjusting link lengths).

Thanks in advance,

Hi Junwon,
We can add this robot for you. We need the 3D files of your robot (preferably STEP or IGES format) to add it to RoboDK. If you can provide a PDF sketch with dimensions and robot related information it would also help (payload, reach, etc).
Thank you,
Albert, great!

I attached two zip files with IGS files for PF3400 and a pdf file with specification. ( )

PF3400 has 3 variants according to J1 (Z) axis length.
My PF3400 is 1600mm version of J1 (Z) axis. 
PF3400 can be combined with an additional linear rail with 3 options (1m, 1.5m, 2m).

First of all, I want you to add my robot (1600mm version) in robot library. 
Then, I would be also happy if you can add all variants of PF3400 and linear rails.

Attatched zip files include all IGS files for variants and the pdf file includes all information for variants. 
 - [1] PF3400 & Linear rail: 3 IGS files for PF3400 
 - [2] PF3400 & Linear rail: 3 IGS files for Linear rail 

Thanks you,

Attached Files
.pdf   PF3400.pdf (Size: 1.09 MB / Downloads: 29)
.zip   [2] PF3400 & Linear (Size: 7.29 MB / Downloads: 18)
.zip   [1] PF3400 & Linear (Size: 24 MB / Downloads: 17)
How is it going?
I am looking forward to seeing PF3400 in RoboDK.

Thank you,

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