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Robot movement

     I'm working on wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) project. My manufacturing cell consists of a motoman ma 2010 robot along with a rotary table. I want my robot to be at fixed position(move only in the z direction) and my rotary table to rotate for printing a pipe. But, I'm unable to do it. I couldn't find a solution for it in the documentation or in your YouTube channel.  

Could you please help me? I've also attached Robodk file for better understanding. Thank you!

with regards,
Nikhil Maniyanthotil

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.rdk   WAAM_Station.rdk (Size: 2.23 MB / Downloads: 255)
The object (the pipe) need to be inside the turntable mechanism referential. 
The turntable also need to have its joint limits set to very high values. If limited to 360, it will reach the limit on the first turn and the robot will move instead.
Also, I believe that the first layer have a path error, but that would be easily fixable in the gcode.

Have a look at the attached file.

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.rdk   WAAM_Station.rdk (Size: 2.23 MB / Downloads: 235)

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