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Robot not moving-Issue with Fanuc robot kinematics

I'm having some issues moving the robot in the simulator. It says "there is no solution for the requested position. 
I have not programmed anything, it simply wont move when i try to manually move it.

I'm new to robodk (6 months) and it just started being weird now, so i really need some help.

another question; how do i contact robodk personally, because i have some problems with my licens. 

hopefully some can help me with this.

Attached is the program "visualisation" and the program it self.

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.rdk   4385.rdk (Size: 3.37 MB / Downloads: 26)
I was able to solve the kinematics issue by selecting copy, then paste of the tool pose in the robot panel. See the attached project.

Something very strange was going on with this robot tool called "tool". Maybe you pasted values from a matrix that was not homogeneous or you used the API with some incorrect calculations? Let us know so we can better investigate and prevent this issue in the future.

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.rdk   4385-v2.rdk (Size: 3.37 MB / Downloads: 21)

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