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Robot on a track, move to a tool station attached to robot base


I'm working on a robotic system for drilling holes in a workpiece. The simplified setup consists of:
  • 6axis robot on a linear track
  • Flat workpiece
  • Tool station for different drill bits

The tool station is attached to the base of the robot and moves with the robot over the track.
Furthermore, track and robot are synced with preset 'prioritize robot'.

I want to be able to move to a cartesian target defined in the robot frame at an arbitrary track position. However, i keep getting 'target is not reachable'. 

Most likely I'm doing something wrong with the nested reference frames, but i can't seem to find a solution on the forum. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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.rdk   test_toolstation.rdk (Size: 343.37 KB / Downloads: 31)
I haven't found any problems with the way the frames are nested within each other.
Because the external axis is used in cooperative mode, even if you use a tool station frame, the targets contain a component with a 7th axis coordinate. So even if you use a station frame to record a target, it will contain external axis values, and it is necessary to have different targets for different external axis positions.

Also, in movement sequences, you can use joint-type movements before cartesian-type movements to be confident in the arm configuration.

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