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Run C++ Code in RoboDk API for C++

I am currently working with a Kuka KR3 R540, with the KR CR 4 compact. I got it set up so far as to send PTP Movements from my Laptop to the Kuka, so there is a working connection. To integrate the Kuka into a existing system, we need it running on C++. But I am not able to get it set up for running C++ code.
I followed the instruction closely, but maybe I am missing out something. 
So how do I insert C++ code into the RoboDK station ? Or how to send C++ code via RoboDK to the Kuka? 

Thanks in advance.

By the way, thanks for the awesome documentation !!

Edit: I also failed to find the "" as stated in the RoboDK API for C++ Dokumentation ...
I recommend you to take a look at the C++ section of the RoboDK API GitHub repository:

You'll find an example in C++. This example requires using Qt.

You can also use the RoboDK API .Net version (NuGet Package) and integrate it in Microsoft Visual Studio for C++ without Qt dependencies:
Hi, thanks for your reply. I already read the documentation on github, i guess I already read anything in the internet about c++ and RoboDK...
Well, I still can't get it running. Do you think it would be possible to make a Tutorial on youtube like for the other programming languages ? 
Or just a step by step manual on how to get e.g. the hexagon example running?

And could you tell me where to finde the "" ?

Have a great weekend. Many thanks !!
Okay nevermind, I found what I was searching for and got it all running over the weekend. Thanks for your help!

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