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Run Robot/Src file movements are diffent


I tried two methods to run an identical program "Substrat1". When I use "Run on robot" then run manually RobodkSync35.src, the robot starts at point A, goes to point B, stops and starts again to go to point C. But When I generate robot program "Substrat1.src" , copy this file on SmartPad and run it, the robot doesn't stop at every point and that's what I want.

- I checked the base and tool on the files.
- I modified the speed and accelerations (linear speed).
- Maybe I need to change Joint Speed ?

I added the src file "Substrat1" and a picture of the pattern.

If anyone can give me an idea or tell me if I made a mistake.

Thank you.

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.src   Substrat1.src (Size: 4.02 KB / Downloads: 259)
There is no mistake per se here.
It's more of a difference between the behavior of "Run on robot" versus the behavior of a real program.

To create that path it's very likely you use the Curve Follow Project feature.
If you select "Program events", you will see a "Set rounding" option. This option, if activated, will blend the motions together so the robot keeps as much of its velocity as possible.
If you want to robot to stop at each point, you can simply uncheck it.
This feature only applies to "Generated" .src file.

For the "Run on robot" feature, a handshake must take place in between each move (for safety reasons) forcing a short stop at each point and preventing any blending.

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