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Run_on_robot moveL problem - no blocking


I am using a UR10-e. I noticed that a program created with the api does not react the same in offline and run_on_robot mode.

In offline mode, the program wait the end of the moveL move before to go to the next python line.
It's not the same in connected mode. It seems that the robot acknoledge is not received (apiur problem?).

I used the version RoboDK v5.1.

Please find attached to the thread a video showing the problem and the robodk scene.

Thanks for your help. Regards.


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.rdk   moveL_non_blocking.rdk (Size: 3.24 MB / Downloads: 425)
@RoboDK team : Is this problem known with UR10-e?
I used in the past a UR10 CB3 and the problem wasn't there. Each blocking move was correctly blocked.
Hi Florent,

I'm sorry we took so long to get back to you. This behavior has been fixed with the latest version of RoboDK.

With previous versions, as a workaround you can force the "run mode" to be the same as the simulation mode by doing this at the beginning of your program:

RDK = Robolink()

For your information, the run mode can be different in the following scenarios:
  • When you simulate a program
  • When you generate a program
  • When you generate a program with the intention to uploading it to the robot
  • When you run a program on the robot


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