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Run program on robot (Staubli XT60)

When I try to run program on robot, the log gives me an error: 

Unable to retrieve the robot stamp

And at the same time, the connection goes in to Unknown state. If I stop the simulation, and press connect, the connection is in Ready state. 

If I download the program and run directly from robot, the robot gives me this error: USB://(Program name) - can not load library. 

If I send the bare program to robot, whithout libraries, just a few line long program, everything is fine. 

Anyone have a suggestion, what happening here? The robot is Staubli XT60 with CS8C controller. 

Hi Eduard,

The connection port could be different depending on the robot controller.

You can try with ports 5653, 851, 852, 853 or 854. More information here:


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