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Running simulation on robot vs. exporting code for controller


I am working on a "3d Printing" tool path project. (I am not using the 3d printing feature (Slic3r) in RoboDK due to Muti and nonplanar printing.)  I have been battling an issue that when I run the simulation on the robot from RoboDK the feature runs fine (other than not being able to control IO) I then export the code and upload the code to the robot and make a few minor tweaks to add a nozzle prime and adjust the speed values then the robot does not go into the correct spot and is offset.   I have alos noticed that the TCP between Denso and RobkDK are inverted and my actual TCP on my Desno is     Tool 2, P(151.624,3.698,97.421,90.000,0.000,90.000)  I'm not sure if this has to do with a right vs. left-hand coordinate system.

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