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We are working on a sanding project using ROBODK.

We are experiencing some issues when using curve follow project. Kindly clarify the following points

1) When choosing multiple curves how to change the direction with respect to the surface of the object

2) After selecting curves how to orient the robot to follow a path at a specified orientation

3) Im attaching a program file which we are trying , kindly take a look at it and provide some pointers on how to program it more efficiently. 

.rdk   POLISHING1 =RBDK.rdk (Size: 4.49 MB / Downloads: 310)
Hi there,

Take a look at this drive:

I would recommend you to watch from module 10 to module 14 (you can skip module 12 I think).

If you still have questions let me know.
I would also recommend you to "right-click"->"Delete all curves" on both the tool and the part.

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