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I want to use SLIN and SPTP keywords instead of LIN and PTP in Kuka KRC4.

I use  "KUKA_KRC4" post processor and I can change the line LIN_KEYWORD = "LIN" to  LIN_KEYWORD = "SLIN"

but I couldn't find how to change PTP to SPTP

Could you please help me about it?
It is easy to change the PTP to SPTP movements by customizing the post processor in the following manner:
    def MoveJ(self, pose, joints, conf_RLF=None):           
        self.addline('SPTP {' + self.angles_2_str(joints) + '}' + self.C_PTP)
Make sure to place the code inside the class section.

I attached the post processor with this modification.

You can find more examples here:

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It is working :)

Thanks Albert,

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