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Save digital output in excel file or google sheets?


I have a school project that is planned as followed:

A robot must identify several bottles. It does so by scanning the caps using a wristcam.

Then the robot must send the amount of bottles there are of each variant to a excel sheet or google sheet using a python script.

My question is if it is possible to do this:

The robot scans the cap and recognizes its a red cap. This red cap makes, using the wristcam software,  digital output 1 high. If output 1 is high, it means the red cap has been identified and this output will be stored into a excel sheet. So if there are 3 red capped bottles then the excel sheet will contain something like: Red capped bottles: 3.
I think it works a bit like a simple data storage.

Now the problem is that i follow a mechanical engineer study, so i am not really familiar with python scripting. Is there a pdf file somewhere that goes a bit more in depth into these kind of problems? Has anybody encountered this before?

Thank you in advance,

Got it working!

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