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Scara Can't find a start point
Robot type is 4axes SCARA robot
I have problem with using Curve follow project. 
When I selected curve and choosed upadate that it always showed "Can't find a start point".

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.rdk   AUO.rdk (Size: 256.61 KB / Downloads: 7)
Hi Frank, 

There were mainly two reasons for your problem. 

1 - The part was not part of a reference frame, which is required. 

2 - The default approach and retract movement of 100 mm along the normal created a starting point out of reach for the robot. 

I attached a modified version of the RDK station. 


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.rdk   AUO.rdk (Size: 258.72 KB / Downloads: 5)
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I appreciate your help very much.

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