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Select Active Robot


One of the most frustrating bugs of robodk is not being able to select "Active Robot" the same way that you can select an "Active User Frame" or "Active Tool". It is very inefficient and annoying to make targets and programs that are linked to the wrong robot, and having to go back and relink them to the correct robot, then you have to "reteach the target position" with the new robot. Overall it turns what should be a 5-10 second task (creating a target and a program) into a 30-45 second task or longer.

Please add a feature in the menu that pops up when one right clicks, that sets an "Active Robot".
Thank you for your feedback. I understand your frustration when you have 2 robots or more and you create a new targets. By default, RoboDK will link a new target to the first available robot unless you have a robot or a tool selected in the tree.

On the other hand, we just published a new update yesterday (RoboDK v5.3.0) that will prioritize a visible robot over an invisible one to link a new target. Let us know if this work around makes it easier to work with. Or feel free to suggest a different criteria to automatically link new targets to available robots.

Also, we recently added the option to link multiple targets or multiple programs to one robot in bulk.

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