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Send Speed change to robot

Hi all,

We ran into a problem sending speed changes to the robot while running directly on the robot (KUKA)
The thing is that all the targets are in the same place, only rotation is different.
All motions are Lin.(station is already in mailbox from Jeremy and Albert)

The fix would be to send $OV_PRO to the robot while running the program.
Is there a way to do this?

Hi Rick, can you send the station to so I can take a look? Jeremy is taking a well deserved day off today.
Please mention my name when sending the email.
Hi Alex,

Thanks for your reply.
I will send you the station as soon as i'm in the office.

Hi Rick,

It is possible to get or set special KUKA global variables using the RoboDK API and the driver. For example, to set the OV_PRO variable to 50 you should be able to do something like this:
robot.setParam("Driver", "SET $OV_PRO=50")

I've never tested this but it should work. Make sure you use a recent version of RoboDK.

Another example to use this feature, you could also retrieve the list of tools using:
ToolList = robot.setParam("Driver", "GET $TOOL_DATA")

Let us know if you need more help.

Hi Albert,

Thanks for your reply.
We will test it on sunday.
Keep you posted.

Hi All,

We are kind of stuck....
We did use the suggestion you luck
We have to send the command to both robots first of all.
And the variable does not "land" on the robot.
Can you send us example script maybe?

Hi Rick,

I'm sorry for the delays. I noticed I made a mistake in my example. I just corrected it and added a more complete example here:
# Connect to the robot using the driver and set a KUKA variable
# It is better if you manually connect it first to troubleshoot connection issues
# In RoboDK, select Connect-Connect robot
from robolink import *
RDK = Robolink()
robot = RDK.Item("Your robot name", ITEM_TYPE_ROBOT)

# Set special parameter to the KUKA controller
robot.setParam("Driver", "SET $OV_PRO=50")

# Get a special variable from the KUKA controller
ToolList = robot.setParam("Driver", "GET $TOOL_DATA")

Let me know if you still have issues, if you can send us your RDK project it would help us understand what is going on. Alternatively, it will also help if you can send us a print screen of the robot driver communication log.


Hi Albert,

We will give this a try.
The station is in your mailbox.

Hi Albert,

We tried the code.
No succes.
See Picture.
It even breaks the connection for short while.

# Type help("robodk.robolink") or help("robodk.robomath") for more information
# Press F5 to run the script
# Documentation:
# Reference:
# Note: It is not required to keep a copy of this file, your Python script is saved with your RDK project
from robodk import robolink    # RoboDK API
from robodk import robomath    # Robot toolbox
RDK = robolink.Robolink()

# Notify user:
#print('To edit this program:\nright click on the Python program, then, select "Edit Python script"')

# Program example:
from robodk import robolink    # RoboDK API

RDK = robolink.Robolink()

robot = RDK.Item("R1 ARM", robolink.ITEM_TYPE_ROBOT)
robot.setParam("Driver", "SET $OV_PRO=50")

ov_pro = robot.setParam("Driver", "GET $OV_PRO")


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