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Sending POPUP command from RoboDK API to robot driver

Hi, I have made a custom robot driver would like to pass some pass POPUP commands from RoboDK Python script when working in online mode.
I only managed to pass them through a program with "Show message instruction". But I would like to do that without creating programs with these instructions. Is there a way to send POPUP command directly to robot driver through Python API? Same as you can send other commands like MOVJ (and other commands) using `robot.MoveJ( joints )`.
You can trigger the POPUP command in your driver by calling RunMessage from the RoboDK API:

For example, this code:

robot.RunMessage("Your popup message")

Will send this command to your driver:

POPUP Your popup message
Hi Albert,
Thank you for a response. I have tried this but I am getting an error:

item.RunMessage( json.dumps( commands, separators=(',', ':') ) )
Attribute error: 'Item' object has no attribute 'RunMessage'

item.Type() returns 2 which is ITEM_TYPE_ROBOT

Is this a bug or I am doing something wrong? My RoboDK version is v5.5.3 currently. 

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