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Set Refs aren't being generated as they should

I'll attach an rdk.  If you "Generate program as..." for Prog1 using the CSV post and then view the output, you'll see that there's only one "Set Reference".  The Set Ref for Prog3 never gets called.  (This affects all posts, not just CSV. setFrame() is not getting called as it should).

This causes the MoveJ in Prog3 to go to the wrong place, since its reference frame never gets registered.

Attached Files
.rdk   missing_set_frame.rdk (Size: 3.24 MB / Downloads: 97)
This happens because there is an automatic filter to prevent setting tool frames and reference frames again when they are the same.

You can change this behavior here:
  1. Select Tools-Options
  2. Select the Program tab
  3. Uncheck Filter setting reference and tool frames
Thanks, that works much better for me. Note that with that option checked, it's removing reference frames that ARE different, not just ones that are the same.
Thank you for your feedback.

We'll change the default behavior to not filter setting the tool and reference frames with the next version of RoboDK.

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