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Setting "preferred orientation" or "teach" button using python api

I'm running into an issue where we have to "teach" the preferred tool x axis orientation otherwise we have some issues later down the line. Is there an easy way to automate this "clicking" of the teach button by python api?

I have a script with a for loop that updates some other basic items for all of the programs that id like to use for this teach.
Yes, you can provoke the Teach button in a robot machining project using the API. 

This example shows how to do it:
from robolink import *
RDK = Robolink()

# Choose your robot machining project:
pathsettings = RDK.ItemUserPick("Choose a robot machining toolpath", ITEM_TYPE_MACHINING)

# Provoke the Teach action:
pathsettings.setParam("Orient", "Teach")
Excellent! Thanks for the information.

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