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Shifting of reference frames without moving the points

Hello everybody!

I made a station with lot of points that are defined in a reference frame. Now I would like to put a reference frame somewhere else in space but I would like that points stay on their position. Is there any "neat" way of doing it?

Thank you very much!
Kind regards,
Hi Tom,

Yes, there is a "good" way to do that.

To do something like that, where I want to move the frame but not the points, I'll start by creating a new frame (anywhere would do, but I generally place it at the root of the station [0,0,0] to keep things clear). I then select all the targets in the frame I want to move, right-click, "change support" and select the new frame.
That will transfer the target from one frame to the other while keeping their absolute position constant.

I can then move the first frame, and do the same process backward.
Note that this works for all types of items (frame, target, object, etc), but you can't select two types of objects at the same time. If you have targets and objects to move, you need to do it in 2 shots.

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Hi Jeremy,

thank you very much! that worked perfect :)

Kind regards!

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