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Show/hide text on screen doesn't work

I have a problem with the "Show/hide text on screen" function. After a new installation of RoboDK the function works fine. After a few restarts of RoboDK, unfortunately, displaying text does not work anymore. In Tools - Options - Display everything is selected in Display text on screen.
Displaying text doesn't work when the tree is displayed on the side (setting available here: Tools-Options-General Display tree preference). Some plugins change this behavior. You can revert it back to normal (you can also change the setting to skip the plugin template in the plugin settings).

There is a workaround for the text to be displayed even if you display the tree on the side. To do so you should run RoboDK by double cliking this file:
Hi Albert,
thanks a lot for your help. I will only use the transparent mode in the future. When using your workaround, the license is unfortunately no longer recognized.

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