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Simulate the material


Can we simulate the material deposited at the end of a silicone nozzle.


Peut on simuler la matiére déposée au bout d'une buse à silicone.

thank you in advance

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Hi Ned,

Yes, you can activate the simulation of the trace following these steps:
  1. Load the 2 scripts called SpingleOn and SpindleOff available here:
  2. C:/RoboDK/Library/Macros
  3. Trigger the call to SpindleOn to start deposition
  4. Trigger the call to SpindleOff to stop it
This concept is implemented in the attached example.


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.rdk   KUKA-Turntable-Spindle-Trace.rdk (Size: 1.44 MB / Downloads: 512)
Thanks it work Thanks Ned

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