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Simulation not aligning with real robot, KUKA with Turntable

Hello, and thank you for all the great help on the forum so far.

I attempting to follow a path, attached to a reference frame, attached to a turntable. In the simulation this works perfectly (turntable turns, tool stays almost still, following path). The postprocessed KRL data however has the turntable move, and the TCP move around with the turntable.

On the robot, I have calibrated the external kinematic system, I can jog the turntable with a tool mathematically linked perfectly, whether I set an offset base or not, when I run the program, calling the same tool and base, I get the turntable and tool moving around together.

I'm not sure if I'm missing a setting in RoboDK or if its something on the robot not set correctly but reading the postprocessed program leads me to think it's something in RoboDK as I can't see how the turntable would need to move, and the cartesian outputs for the robot would move in a circular motion as well?

I have attached images of what I am talking about and some sample text from the program file.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated

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.src   X and Y Describe circle_E1 also rotates.src (Size: 6.41 KB / Downloads: 215)

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