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Simulation slider

Hi guys,

I wonder, why in some station I see the simulation slider, when I run the Main Program, but in other I don't see. In attachemt a two station which I see the difference. (Ex 1D1 I see simulation slider with all program call; Ho 1D1 I don't see a slider at all).

Attached Files
.rdk   Ho 1D1a - Pick and stamp - Custom gripper - Done.rdk (Size: 8.14 MB / Downloads: 354)
.rdk   Ex 1D1a - Pick and scan - RobotiQ Gripper - Done.rdk (Size: 9.1 MB / Downloads: 335)
Hi Piotr,

I hope you are well.
This is because the program involves mechanisms other than the robot.
As for now, that prevent any usage of the slider.


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