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Simulation speed difference

I have generated 3 programs using the api (see attached rdk file).  I would like to know the reason why those simulation are not running at the same speed, since the setSpeed in each program are the same, the only difference between the 3 programs is the precision of the path (number of points for each passes).
The more points there is the slower the simulation is running.

Thanks for any help or explanation.


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.rdk   speed-difference.rdk (Size: 3.19 MB / Downloads: 233)
Hi Francois,

It takes longer to process a larger number of points/movements, therefore, the simulation is slower when you create the points closer to each other.

More precisely, RoboDK updates the robot path every 5 ms by default. You can improve the fluidity of the simulation by reducing this value here:
  • Tools-Options-Motion-Update robot path rate (ms)
You can set it to 0 ms and the simulation speed should be closer to the real speed (accounting for the simulation speed ratio).


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