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Sine Weaving Welding using UR16e

Hello guys,
I am trying to use the sine weaving python program in RoboDK but I am getting rotation error. I was able to make the welding path using the Solidworks plugin but it seems the toolpath sine weaving creation isn't making correctly. 

I am unable to open the project settings window in relation with the weaving, only the standard toolpath works. What I am doing wrong ? 

I check out in the motion tolerances said in the error window (changing the value).

To me, it seems I haven't specified the references properly but according to instructions in build tree they are the same

What I should take a look at ?

See station and files here:

Best Regards,

I found the problem (bad orientation on points created) but I am not understanding why they aren't created correctly. The references planes are the same as the other standard linear welding path and can't figure out to change all the overall tool orientation (path to tool offset) like in the "Curve Follow Project: Settings"

See pic attached.


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I think I found your problem. 

You should always have all zeros in your part or line position with respect to their parent frame. 


Just move the data to Move Geometry using the copy and paste button and select "Apply Move". 
Reset the "Object position wrt" to all zeros. 

Delete previously created programs.
Update the Curve Follow Project -> Run the Python script 

Bonne fin de journée. 
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