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Singularity not detected
I use RoboDK to detect the singularity of my robot, but I got a mismatch, RoboDK showed "MoveL OK" but my robot failed. The RDK file:

When I go from "Pretake" to "Take" in this file, RoboDK doesn't show any problem, the real robot crashed because of a singularity.
I measured several time, the Robot and position are exactly the same in RoboDK and in the Real world (I directly use the data from the robot to setup RoboDK).
The Robot is Bound to use config [Front|Elbow Up|Non-Flip], but I force RoboDK to also use this config so this should not be the problem.

What could cause this error ? does other parameters have an impact on the singularity detection ? the speed of the robot ? does the tolerance could be set to fit the real robot better ?

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