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Slic3r/G-Code post processor for RoboDK
I have been working with the 3D printing functionality in RoboDK and Slic3r 1.3.  It seems to be working ok, but Slic3r is slow and unwieldy, and I am interested in customizing how the generated GCODE gets translated to RoboDK instructions.  Is there a post processor for Slic3r (or GCode pre-processor for RoboDK) that I can modify for my purposes similar to the way I can modify post processors for specific robot platforms?  This would also allow using a different slicer, which would be my preference.

Thanks for any help you can provide.
Hi Deisengard,

You are not stock with Slic3r, this is just a free option we package with RoboDK.

You can use any Slicer and import the generated G-Code to RoboDK by simply "Drag and drop" program on the RDK interface.

That will automatically create a "Robot Machining Project", but it behaves the same exact way as a "3D printing project".

Hope it helps.

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