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Slice my work into chunks, ouch! (collision)

Following Jeremy's example in "Robot Wood Milling - Remote TCP - Alphacam & RoboDK"
I have set up a test simulation of a robot holding the work piece and moving against a stationary tool. Just a simple vase and a spindle on the floor.

The robot seems to make a lot of "funnny" moves with the wrist constantly flipping back and forth but that's the lease of my worries. If you look at line 183469 as the simulation is running toward the end of the vase the robot makes a move that drags the cutter right through the middle of the vase. Equals one ruined part.

The path was generated in MasterCam. It is a four axis "Flow" type path with a zig-zag pattern (spiral pattern failed as the 6th axis can only rotate +/- 360). I tried doing what I use on my CNC mill and increased the "clearance, retract and feed plane" but only the initial approach changed in RDK.

Am sure it's just a button or value somewhere 

Thank you

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.rdk   VASE.rdk (Size: 5.94 MB / Downloads: 330)
I recommend you to change these settings:
  • Select the +Z preferred orientation (you should select the + button to see this option). For Remote TCP setups, your tool becomes your reference and the reference becomes the tool. Since you turn around the Z axis it helps maintaining a constant orientation.
  • Set the Path to tool offset to rotZ(90). This defines the orientation of the tool relative to the reference. If you want the arm to hold the part on the other side you can use -90 deg. 
  • I recommend you to add the 3D model of the tool and select "Show preferred tool path". This will allow you to see the orientation of the tool as you change the previous rotation.
  • Select "Allow tool Z rotation of +/- 0 deg. This will allow you to calculate the toolpath much faster and removes the strange change of orientation that makes the path feasible.
Do you have a fixture to hold the vase? You may need to offset your tool/TCP.



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.rdk   VASE-v2.rdk (Size: 5.95 MB / Downloads: 333)
Thank you Albert!
click here, adjust there and boom it works.

Thank you! I have to learn what these settings mean, off to read!

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