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Smoothing or Continuous Move
Hello All.  I created a simple pick-and-place simulation and would like to use a continuous move through the waypoint between Pick and Place locations.

Can someone tell me how to do a smooth, continuous move through the intermediate point?  I thought the Smooth (Rounding) instruction would give me that, but it doesn't appear to have any effect.


[Image: RoboDK_2017-06-02_03-25-40.png]
RoboDK's rounding instruction has no visual effect in the simulation because each robot controller handles this rounding effect in a different way (controller dependent).

This value is mostly meant to avoid jerky movements and helps having a smoother path (speed as constant as possible).
The real rounding value mostly depends on the speed (except for certain controllers).

This value modifies a different variable on each robot controller:
  • ABB: ZoneData (mm)
  • Fanuc: CNT / Fine
  • KUKA: $APO.CDIS (mm) used with $ADVANCE and C_DIS flag
  • Universal Robot: blend_radius (m)
For example, if you have a Fanuc RJ3 controller and you enter a rounding value of 10 (mm or %), this will generate a code using CNT10:
    1:J P[1] 50% CNT10 ;
    2:L P[2] R[10]mm/sec CNT10 ;

This value is seen as a percentage and has no units, but higher speeds may turn into a larger rounding value.

On the other hand, if you have a KUKA KRC2 or KRC4 robot the same instruction will generate:
    $ADVANCE = 5
    $APO.CPTP = 10.000
    $APO.CDIS = 10.000

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