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Smoothing or Continuous Move

Hello All.  I created a simple pick-and-place simulation and would like to use a continuous move through the waypoint between Pick and Place locations.

Can someone tell me how to do a smooth, continuous move through the intermediate point?  I thought the Smooth (Rounding) instruction would give me that, but it doesn't appear to have any effect.


RoboDK's rounding instruction has no visual effect in the simulation because each robot controller handles this rounding effect in a different way (controller dependent).

This value is mostly meant to avoid jerky movements and helps having a smoother path (speed as constant as possible).
The real rounding value mostly depends on the speed (except for certain controllers).

This value modifies a different variable on each robot controller:
  • ABB: ZoneData (mm)
  • Fanuc: CNT / Fine
  • KUKA: $APO.CDIS (mm) used with $ADVANCE and C_DIS flag
  • Universal Robot: blend_radius (m)
For example, if you have a Fanuc RJ3 controller and you enter a rounding value of 10 (mm or %), this will generate a code using CNT10:
    1:J P[1] 50% CNT10 ;
    2:L P[2] R[10]mm/sec CNT10 ;

This value is seen as a percentage and has no units, but higher speeds may turn into a larger rounding value.

On the other hand, if you have a KUKA KRC2 or KRC4 robot the same instruction will generate:
    $ADVANCE = 5
    $APO.CPTP = 10.000
    $APO.CDIS = 10.000

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