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Hi all,

I wanted to use "RL.Solve_IK_All" to have all the inverse kinematics solutions of a robot, in order to make sure that the robot stay in the same working mode always. But in Matlab, it seems that the output is totally wrong and has nothing to do with the joint variables shown in the "Other configurations" section of the robot properties.

- Is there any other way to have correct all IK solutions?
- Is there any alternative to make sure the robot stay in the same working mode all the time? (Assuming I have my own code to generate a path point by point)

PS: I checked the same thing with Python. It works fine. But still I want to know about Matlab.

Can you share the code that creates this problem? What robot did you use?
If you provide more information it will allow us to fix this issue.

The robot.JointsConfig method should return the robot configuration as a list of 3 states:

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