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Sort reference position list

Hello !

I have a cell with a lot of frames and objects referring to these frames and when I need to move one frame or just know its position in the cell I have trouble to find the reference I need in the list. 

Would it be possible to have this list sorted alphabetically ?

Thanks !

Hi Cami,

You can select the items you would like to sort, then, select Tools->Reorder selected items automatically (Shift+R). All selected items will be sorted alphabetically.

Hi Cami,

Also, if you right-click the object, reference frame, target in the station, you can select "Reveal in Tree" or simply press "F8" after selecting the object.
The will bring you directly to it in the station tree.

Hi Albert and Jeremy,

I think I did not express myself very well, the list I want sorted is the list that appears when selecting an object where I can see its position with respect to an other one.


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Hi Camille,

This is currently not possible but we'll try to add a sorting option in the future.


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