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Stäubli Postprocessor

Hi there

As i have seen in the Staubli_VAL3 postprocessor, there is a constant PROG_MOVE_COUNT_MAX = 200 which will check if a simulationprogram has more than 200 movements. If there are more than 200 movements, the program will be split into different programs and will be loaded one after another.

My question is: where does this number come from? Has Staubli VAL3 a limitation in code or is this just a general constant which may not be useful in this postprocessor?

Thanks for an answer.
I've found out that the length of a Stäubli VAL3 Program does not have any restrictions in code-length (as a colleague told me he had once a program with 10'000 lines of code). So PROG_MOVE_COUNT_MAX should maybe removed or set much higher for Stäubli VAL3.
Hi Janis,

We discussed that internally and we will increase the value with the next release of RoboDK.

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