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Stationary Tool / Part Following

What's the best way to follow the contours of a part with a stationary tool, such as a deburring tool/sanding brush?

I'm aware of using RoboDK plugins for CAD, such as SolidWorks, to create paths for a moving tool, but what approach should be taken to create a path following for a stationary tool?

Hi jccourtney, 

Did you take a look at this video :

It's pretty much what you are trying to do but using the Alphacam plugin instead of the SolidWorks plugin. 

But to answer your question quickly, you should use the following option in your "Curve follow project".


Have a good day. 

Thanks Jeremy.

No I did not see that video, but I will watch it. We don't have alphacam. I'm sure it's easier with getting the entry and exit profiles with a cam software. If I import a generated curve from SolidWorks, create a curve follow project, and select the Robot holds the object box, will I be able to successfully utilize a remote TCP?

Hi John,

It's certainly easier to generate entry and exit profiles from a CAM software. I didn't imply that you should use Alphacam, I was just pointing toward part of the information you needed, sorry if I was unclear.
I can give you a little trick that is a bit hidden for the moment (I'll make a video on that subject in a near future.), you can use a sketch in SolidWorks to create your path with the plugin.
I only tried with a 2D sketch, but I'm pretty sure that you could do that with a 3D sketch.
I think that I would use that approach to create nice 3D entry and exit profiles.

Let me know if it works.

And to answer your question, I don't see anything at the moment that could prevent you from using a remote TCP.

Thanks Jeremey!

Yeah I would love to see that trick! We do have SolidWorks CAM, so maybe there's a way to export the tool path curves?
Hi John,

Cool, I'll try to push that as my next tutorial. If we are lucky, I could do that in the next 2 weeks.

Concerning SolidWorks CAM, I also have a license but I didn't find the time to see if our plugin work in any way with it at the moment. Note that it wasn't developed with that feature in mind and you are the first customer to tell us that you are using it.

If the need improvements are minor and users are interested in the feature, our development team could maybe priories this.

If you have time to look at it, maybe you could share your findings.
Sure thing. I plan to have a simulation going within the next week.

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