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Staublì Postprocessor


Congratulation for the beautiful software!!

Is there a functional postprocessor for the latest Staublì controllers? The one in the software is not compiling in correct val3 .7 language.

Is there a page for the license information?

Thank you!
Hi gd90,

We have a draft regarding Staubli's VAL3 post processor (see file attached).
To try it, you must place this file in the folder "C:\RoboDK\Posts\", then, right click your program, then "Select Post Processor" and select VAL3's post. You can modify it manually or by selecting "Program->Add/Edit Post Processor"). This post is not provided with the default install as we have never tested it and probably needs some retouching. If you have a chance to try it and provide feedback we can improve VAL3's post.

[Image: program-post-processor.png]

The trial version has some limitations after 60 days, such as saving your project. A commercial license is 2995$US and it includes one year support and updates. We are also providing free educational licenses.

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