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Staubli RX 160 post-processor source code

We're trying to 3D print using a Staubli RX 160 with the CS8C controller. For that we need to modify post-processor for VAL3 generation, as we want to add VAL3 functionality for Extrude function. says to ask for the uncompiled Python code, maybe you could provide it?

Also, how do we add an Extrude command in RoboDK? Currently the VAL3 code generated by RoboDK provides just a commented-out line, i.e.

Many thanks!
You should contact us through our contact form or by email to request the source code of a post processors.
Thanks for the answer. I've sent an email and was asked to write in the forum as it is a technical question :)
I'm sorry for this misunderstanding. I just got back to you by email.

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