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Staubli T2-60 with CS9 robot controller and code from robodk

Hello, thank you for taking your time to help. I am a bit new to this world so bear with me. I created a code on robodk and uploaded it to my staubli. When I ran it, the code showed it was running but there was no movement on the robot. Does anybody have any tips or suggestions? Thanks!

I have uploaded and ran code from robodk to a UR and a fanuc so I am familiar with how to generate and transfer code. This staubli has been giving me trouble. I released all the breaks on the robot, can jog it, but no luck running the program.
What post processors did you try?

I recommend you to try the following post processors for Staubli CS9 controllers:
  • Staubli VAL3
  • Staubli VAL3 Simplified
  • Staubli VAL3 XMOVE
You can find more information about how to choose your post processor here:

What warning or error messages do you see in the teach pendant of your controller?

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