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Staubli val3 libraries missing

Hello every one, new on robodk and so far is a better aproach to robot world than staubli SRS. However i still cant create a val3 program with postprocesor (just work inline val3 with jointmove ??‍♂️) As i can guess i am missing libraries on my ts90xl. 
I see on error log: Disk://cyclestatus/cyclestatus.pjx : invalid library or wrong password.
I dont have this folder in //userapp, just savechangetool and program generated by robodk //mainprog1

How can i get this cyclestatus?

The default Stäubli post processor requires the saveChangeTool library attached. I recommend you to customize it to manage your tools.

Alternatively, the following Stäubli post processor:
  • Staubli VAL3 InlineMove
Generates a more simplified program without the dependency of saveChangeTool.

Some important details about Stäubli robot:
If you have an old controllers (CS7 or earlier) it is recommended to split large programs in subprograms of 200 lines. This is done by default with all Stäubli post processors in RoboDK. Newer controllers can handle more lines of code at a time. If you have a recent Stäubli controller (CS8 or later) I recommend you to increase the minimum number of lines per program here:
  • Tools-Options-Program-Limit the maximum number of lines per program
And set this value to 10,000 or more.

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Final fixed altering the post processor removed savechangetool,

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