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StoppedError Problem - Collision Detected

Hello all,

I'm currently working on a project to control multiple robots using RoboDK and Python multiprocessing. However, I ran into a problem where the program stopped with the message "robodk.robolink.StoppedError: Collision detected".
The program still stops when a collision is detected. I don't know how to deal with this situation effectively.
Any guidance or suggestions on how to properly handle a StoppedError when a collision is detected would be greatly appreciated. Is there a way to catch this error and exit gracefully without completely stopping the program?

Thank you.
You can intercept errors raised by the RoboDK API using try/except.

   # Any RoboDK operations that could raise an exception:
   # ...

except Exception as e:
   # Print the error and continue
   print("The error is: " + str(e))

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