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Stopping products at the end of a conveyor

I have a palletizing simulation I am working on and I am trying to get the conveyor mechanics to work for multipick. 

When I run the conveyor program I have it set up where the conveyor will move with a frame attached, then a thread will start that changes the parent of one of the boxes in a bunch stashed in one position every few seconds to the frame on the conveyor. 

I am running into an issue that the box doesnt stop at the same place every time.

The current method I am trying in order to get the boxes to stop at the end is using another thread that changes the parent of the box every time it hits the beam object. 

Am I going about this the right way or is there a more concrete solution?

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.rdk   no cell Palletizing Test Proximity activated.rdk (Size: 3.17 MB / Downloads: 25)
A solution for this is to lower the conveyor speed and force the position of the box after the detection to prevent any position error related to framerate variation or script execution timing. Also make sure that the set speed on the conveyor is in joint speed.

I lowered the speed of the conveyor and added the following line of code in SenseBox2.
box_object.setPoseAbs(xyzrpw_2_pose([294.900 ,931.400 , 812.000 , 0, 0, 90]))

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.rdk   no cell Palletizing Test Proximity activated.rdk (Size: 3.17 MB / Downloads: 19)
Hello and thank you for your help! 

Unfortunately I can't slow down the conveyor as its whats setting the pace of the rest of the simulation, but the clipping into place function will definitely help. 

Is there any way I can address the boxes that go straight through the beam while keeping the speed the same?

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