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Storing Current UR5e Position into CSV File to obtain 'Ground Truth'

Hi All,

As stated in the title I would like to store the current robot position of a UR5e into a CSV file. 

I'm currently obtaining an estimate the 'robot pose' using a vision system mounted near the end effector (EE) of the UR5e and would like to be able to compare this to the actual pose ('ground truth') of the robot EE to determine if the vision system performs within a desired geometric accuracy specification for this particular application. I still need to convert the reference systems of these two components but I think I know how to do this.

If possible, I would like to run a square linear path remotely (while remaining in the same room as the physical system) using RoboDK while storing the actual position of the robot and the pose estimated using the vision system directly into a CSV file (in the same file if possible, if not, with an accurate timestamp for each point so they can be more accurately compared). 

The UR_ActivateMonitoring script is able to obtain the current position (of the robot joints) of the UR5e but not while a RoboDK program is running. I have tried to use a similar method to the one stated here but so far without success. I could generate the square path and run it directly on the UR controller if required but it would be nice to be able to operate these tests directly from a computer.

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions if my description is unclear.

Thank you in advance,

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